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Peter Hugh Davis’s advocation for SpoGomi in Malaysia

What are your reasons for advocating Spogomi?

Spogomi’s looking to bring together sports enthusiasts, athletes, and environmental advocates to raise awareness about environmental issues. By combining the power of sports and environmental advocacy, Spogomi aims to inspire positive change and contribute to a greener and more eco-conscious Malaysia.

How concerned are you about the environment? Does it affect you as an athlete?

As an athlete, the environment can have a direct impact, things like air and water pollution can directly affect my health. If the air is bad, it’s hard to push out your best performance and if there is a can in the middle of the road, you might swerve and hit a car, not a good look 🙂

Would you agree that doing sports and following a healthy lifestyle can raise awareness about the environment? If yes, how so?

I believe so! Sports and a healthy lifestyle go hand in hand and generally my social platform following is looking for inspiration in one way or another to better themselves. By having sports based events with an environmental message, it could inspire people to adopt more sustainable and environmentally aware lifestyle.

What would you say is the biggest hurdle in Malaysia (where saving the environment is concerned)?

If you want to talk about littering, I feel the main issue would be education on environmental awareness. Even things like packaging of take away food, onetime use spoons and forks and then with that, not disposing of the waste correctly. Another problems Malaysia faces is the rate of development and striking a balance between that and keeping the environment in check.

How do you see initiatives like Spogomi grow to continue educating people about the environment?

Working with influencers, sports people and celebrities, and by using their social media platforms to spread the word on environmental conservation is a solid way to get the message out, and if this event is successful, get back on another one ASAP 😁